Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Final day MONSTER job List

When Deadline
Complete the 21 map sections
Critique and quality control map.
Each of the 21 sections transferred onto map in pencil checked by two others then over line with pen
Addition of waves and land block colouring on map
Bird pictures completed
Migratory stories Project title made
A key to the map is made
Mounting of bird pictures needs consistent design
Layout and background of board is designed
A summary of the project is written and mounted
A school logo is drawn
Thank yous and Credits for the production of the display is made.
Birds and map key, titles, summary, logo  and credits are mounted onto the display board

Rubric for the map detail.

Below Target
Meets standard
Above standard
Neat printed writing
Writing that looks like Cloutier script font
Titles/ keywords written in Cloutier
Keywords/ titles written LImeon
Writing dominates the map
Writing is only part of each section
Writing is large about 5mm tall
Writing is small around 2mm tall
Writing is not in a straight line
Writing is in a straight line
Writing is consistently the same height too.
All words spelled correctly
A descriptive fact about the bird.
A fact about the birds journey or a problem it face is given
Facts are long winded
Facts are to the point
Symbols are used to reduce the amount of writing.

Classroom culture

This is a student discussion about the culture we have in our project. A couple of interesting things arose.

Around 7 students have yet to receive a compliment about their work, although we understand that this needs to be earned.

Although every student thinks they have said thank you during the project so far, around 5 have yet to hear it!

These have been our targets today.

Great News!

Yesterday we were offered the opportunity to display are project work at Shasun, Cramlington and at the Visitor centre at Hauxley, Northumberland.

One student commented "The pressure is now on!"

Resilience is key! Day 6 reflections

What I have been doing today I have made a fact about the Sedge wobler and I have done 7 drafts and got it spot on and I have done a bird drawing and have doing my writing on my map nearerly .

I’ve learnt that even though I work hard people around me might be let downs and so patience is a vetue.

today we did some questions and we practised writing in a different font.we will be writing it tomorrow

A positive thing about today is that we got a lot done with the map and our 3 sentences for our finally product.
A bit of a negative at the start of day we went with our friends and didn’t really concentrate on the work then we had to waste more time sorting it that we could have been using for work.

Review 2nd Week:
Today we stayed in the class and worked on our map, bird or research. Our group have now been allocated 3 spots on the map to write our facts in. At the start we didn’t concentrate enough so therefore we wasted time. We put this write and knuckled down to got our work complete.

good thing about today is i got alot of work complete and created a bird made out of materials.

a bad thing is i was not always on task.

Today has mainly been working on our final project. It has been quite monotanous at times as we have hadto really work hard with few breaks. We have had to be really Resilient and stick with the project. I need to be more Resilient tomorrow as I found the font we are using very hard to do so I just asked someone else to do it.
the posative thiings i did today i have been drawing my out line of my bird and putting diffrent typs of fabrics.
the bad things was when i was messing round and throwing things at people on my table.
today the day has been quiet good but olrite becuase some times i was getting abit distracted with people and then i was working hard but i was more on task than anything. I also have learned more about a chiffchaff and their habbitats and hunting skills also ive done my map sheet that i was suppose to and ive done it in the right font.
Today has been god because at first we were critiquing our work and then we went in a circle and had a adult conversation about how we could improve our work area and after that i think we did improve and took all the advice in what everyone said, yes i do admitt we could do better but we have improved we have done alot of work and try to our best.

Today we just finised what we were doing on friday like the research and drwaing and the map.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Drafting in the field

In the field Louise spotted a bird which she could not identifty and could not get a good picture of. In the space of about 3 minutes she drafted this. From the drawing and the annotations, one of our experts managed to identify the bird. Can you identify it?

Friday, 21 June 2013

Charlottes Reflection

What have I learned?
How to be patient by having to use this when I go birdwatching.                   My targets for next week are: To give members of my group more support

Why are birds important? Because they are a part of the ecosystem and stop insects from taking over it.

Katlyns Reflection

i have learned intresting facts about birds mainley about chiffchaff's such as.. when chiffchaffs sing the tune goes like this 'chiffchaff chiffchaff'.
my targets for next week are be quiet if we go out becuase sometimes i shout with out remmembering.
Birds are important becuase there apart of nature
Katelyn McTeer

Alexs reflection

i have learned how to draw better and how to draw a map i think birds are cool because they make nature look nice and how far they fly.

McKenzies Refelction

i have learnt what migration means and my target for next week is to get more interested in the topic.

Deans reflection

Ive learned a lot of different types of birds this week like willow warblers and chif chafs
i need to improve my behavior and stop getting distracted
the birds are important because they migrate around the world breeding so it stops them from going extinct

Jonathon C's refelction.

This week i have learned how to twitch properly and identify birds, my targets for next week are to learn more bird species and prepare for the presentation, the birds are important because they eat certain things that humans don't like.

Beths reflections

i have learnt how to watch birds by staying quiet and staying in the same place and listening to the tunes the birs make, as well as learning about the different types of birds.

my targets are for next week to see even more different birds.

This project is important because its showing people how many birds we have where we live an how some are endangered and we should help them.

JAcks Reflection

I've learned how to bird watch and identify birds. My target for next week is to become a better drawer and make my drawing as realistic as possible. The birds are important because they migrate so far and their storys are inspiring.

Louises Refelction

·         I’ve learned that to be silent has its benefits.
·          My goal for next week is to complete the map and help my team with their goals.
·         Birds are important because the keep insects and fish under control and to be part of the eco system.

Adams reflection

I have learned more birds than I already did because I only knew what a black bird was.

My target for next week is to finish the computer work and finish my drawings.

Because they make nature look pretty.

Aidens reflections

i have learned what migration means and my target for next week is to be more quiet and responsible and birds are imported because they are a part of nature.

Jmies Reflection

I have learned that I can be more confident in lessons and produce quality work. My target for next week is colour my bird and speak in front of the class more confidently.

Isobels reflections.

What have I learned?

I have learnt all about certain birds and also how to bird watch.

My targets for next week:
To contribute to group conversations,
To listen more carefully for the birds

Why are birds important?

Birds are important because they give us eggs and also food, like chicken, and also it would be boring without them.

Brilliant work

Drafts 1 -3 of Sophie’s White Throat. After each draft Sophie received critique from myself and fellow students and managed to improve her work. Sophie is currently working on her 4th draft.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I think we are beginning to sound like twitchers!

We wanted to do the common tern (Sterna Hirundo) because we saw one on the trip and we thought it was cool.

We chose the Swallow because its colourful and the way they fly is interesting because they swerve side to side and we saw a lot of them around Cramlington.

We chose the White Throat (Sylvia Communis). When we saw it at Arcot Hall we thought it was a very interesting and beautiful bird. We also thought it would be nice to draw and learn more about.

we picked the willow warbler because it was a cool name and it was a good name and its song is quite good.

i chose the Phylloscopus collybita (chiffchaff) becuase i think its an itellegant bird. I also like how the tune of the bird songs is, it sounds like there saying 'chiffchaff' in their own tune. I also like this bird becuase its very beautiful and it has amazing colours such as...brown, cream/buff, green, yellow, dark grey and light grey.
we chose the sedge warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus) because all our other choices were taken and it looks very cute and it has a cool noise, as well as being very detailed.

I chose the swift because i like the way it flys and it is very fast

Interesting to note how much we dominates over I. Is this the start of a community?

Teacher example of a "mood" board

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Why was the spelling better on day one than day two, in the student reflections?

Species list day 2- Arcot Pond.

Sedge warbler.
Common Tern.
Garden Warbler.
Carrion Crow.
White throat.

I wonder if this kind of thinking will change?

We went to arcet fields bird watching the first bit was was fun but it was the same thing for 2 hours staraight we found a few birds that was pretty good.

To make us listen better we should go to better places for birds and not to much walking.

And another...

We would make a better listerner for longer if we didnt look at the sam bird for so long and not walk so far and stand still because it makes us winge  [whinge]and gets us boring, also if we had a fasinating thing to keep us interested, if we made bird watching more fun and went on different trips unlike going on different trips but to similar places.

Student Reflections on day 1 part 2

I thought I was quite good at bird watching, I found some birds and herd [heard]them all over the field.

Thought I read the book quite well.

Tomorrow I think I need to be more quite [quiet] to try not to scare the birds.

A good listener is when you look at the person who’s speaking, be quite. Also give a response.

Birds migrate for more food and the  weather change.

I need to bring the right equipment in to be a good listener you need to be as quiet as possible so the birds dont get scared.
birds migrate because when its winter in south africa its too cold for them they need to travel down to the uk wheres its summer and its hot
·        I think I was a good bird watcher but I think I need to stand still for more than 2 minutes. I need to let my group catch up to me more often.
·        I can be calm and quite[quiet] for a very long time and pick up the slightest sound.
·        To find food, to raise their chicks, to escape to weather, and to get away from some of their predators.
Today I twitched pretty well considering that I got so close to a bird that I got to touch it.
What makes a good listener is occasionally contributing but at the same time listening to other peoples contributions.
Birds migrate to:
.get resources
.change habitat
.to get away from predators
Tommorrow I need to bring my things in, the right equitment and be quiet and stand still and be focused so i can spot out more birds. A good listener is when you listen to sorrundings and actually make sure your listening to things around and looking where the sorrundings is coming from. Birds migerate because they go to diffferent countries to get the sun these always want to be in summer they go to different countries to migerate to get more food to live.
 I thought I did ok when we were Bird Watching. It wasn’t the best though because we weren’t very quiet when we were looking for the birds and we got a lot of the bird names mixed up.
 To improve I could try and learn the different species of birds and, next time, be more quiet when looking for the birds.
 Birds migrate because they need better food, breeding grounds and a better habitat. For example if they like warm weather and it is winter in their home country they will migrate to a hotter country until their home country is summer again.
I think I wasn’t a very good bird watcher because I made a lot of noise and I went really close to them and scared them.
I think I did well because I found a lot of birds.
I think I will try to blend in tomorrow.
 A good listener means you have to be quiet and walk slowly.
Birds migrate because they have to find food or to escape from animals.
I think, in my oppinion that bird watching was amazing becuase i found out different birds and what their features are. Also bird watching was good aswell becuase i got to work with exdperts and it made me realise more about birds. I done well in bird watching becuase i found out different information and facts that i never knew before. I dont think i had of done anything better because i though i was good. I think a good listener is a person to contributes, stands still and listens to the bird sounds and listen to what people have to stay instead of talking and not listening becuase you could find out something very inportant what you need to know..Birds migrate becuase migration is a hazardous journey but those hazards are often over looked in large scale spectale of millions of birds that successfully travel between their breading grounds each year, also all birds dont migrate at the same time becuase of their different species such as if it is winter where they live they will come to some were where it is summery becuase they like summer, but then when it gets winter they go back home for summer.
How well did I twitch today?
I was okay at twitching today because I tried hard but I just wasn't very good at remembering the birds species.

What could I do better?
I could use the experts more and not go in the thicket as it scares the birds away. I could use the books and my group more.

Whatmakes a good listener?
A good listener takes in everything that they are told and replies according to what they are told. They are silent when someone is talking to them.They also give the speaker eye-contact.

Why do birds migrate?
Birds will migrate to find new food soures, rear their young and spend the winter somewhere warm. They will also migrate to avoid predators.
tommorow i need to bring in my things for bird watching,and good bird listener you need to listen and be quiet so all the birds are not scared and listen before looking and birds migrate becuase they carnt survive in the cold so they fly to the uk when its winter insouth aftrica
how well did you twich today?
i thinck i did it well today because i was kinda quite qand stood still.

what did you do well?
i thinck i did the bird waching well

.what will you need to do better tomorrow?
the things i will need to do better are to worck with my groop more and better.

what makes a good liasner?
a good lisner is someone who never intarupts when someone is talking and someone who always lisins.

why di birds migrate?
they migrate because is they run out of food or if the wether is to hot or cold they move till it is just right were they sre from.

Listening Skill

Yet 30minutes later this is the scene

Begging the questions How can we sustain our efforts in while listening?

I could listen better by keeping my focus.
i would make it better by focusing more about birds instead of messing round and doing what i was told.

Some people bird watch, and the other half having a quite chat but away from the bird watchers.
i could listin b being quiet and walking slow
We can sustain them by being sensible and not being silly.
we can sustane our lisning skils bye not messing round and other studd

To sustain our listening skills, we shoouldn't birdwatch for ages as we can lose focus, 15 or 20 minutes would be sufficient.

·       I think we should not stand next to the people were most likely to talk to and follow instructions when given. Also stay in one place and sit and just listen and then we will see more birds.

We would make a better listerner for longer if we didnt look at the sam bird for so long and not walk so far and stand still because it makes us winge and gets us boring, also if we had a fasinating thing to keep us interested, if we made bird watching more fun and went on different trips unlike going on different trips but to similar places.

I think we could sustain our listening skills by moving to different areas, adding some fun activities to it (e.g. a bird treasure hunt or something around a big area of space) and constantly looking at a large variety of birds.
To stop distractions and keep listening for the whole time, we could move quicker and go to other places which have different birds so we don’t get bored of the same birds, to keep us looking out for different birds around the area.

it would have been better if i listened about more

To keep listening the whole way though we need to keep moving and go to different places and not get distracted and go off and do our own thing
We could improve by keeping are listening skills by small length of time.
We can improve our listening by not doing it to long like 5 minutes twitching the 5 minutes chatting.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Student day one reflections

I twitched alright today but personally I think I could’ve done better. I was quiet and I listened before I looked but I could’ve stayed with my group and worked with them better.
A good listener is someone who looks at you while you’re talking, pays attention and responds if appropriate.

Birds migrate because of the climate change and according to Jack, “to breed”, but I disagree. They also migrate in groups.

What I done well today was, that I looked in the book and I spotted some birds. But I was not quite for long.

So tomorrow I shall be more quite for the bird spotting.

Overall, I have had a good day bird spotting also sharing information with the rest of the group. But tomorrow will be better.

What makes a good listeners is if he/she is quite [quiet] and if the give you a good quality Odense.  [Audience]

I twitched was okay today but I need to be a lot more quiet and more patient and look harder and try and stay on task.

 To be a good listener you need to listen to what everyone has to say and wait your turn.

Birds migrate to get food because the little animals they eat start to die out in the winter.

I twitched well today because I kept quiet and watched the birds fly around, and looked at the birds through the binoculars. Tomorrow I will be even quieter and stay in the same place while observing the birds around me more carefully.
A good listener is someone who stays quiet and pays attention to what others have to say and someone who responds back to what you had to say.
Birds migrate because of the cold weather, food, habitat and they migrate in groups together

I started off shy but when we went outside I started to explore outside and look for birds. I did well at spotting birds and using the internet to find information about birds. I need to be quieter outside and listen more carefully.
      To be a good listener you have to look at the person when they are speaking and be quiet when they are talking. Also to be a good listener you have to use what the person what they are saying to help me.
     Birds migrate because it will be too cold for them and there will be no food left for them

Student Research Sheets- Why do Birds migrate? And what problems do they face/

Important dates during the project.

Schedule day 1

First attempt at a Student Led "Conversation"

Not much of a conversation, but a good example of persistence. Only 12/22 students contributed and only 7 of these spoke more than one.

The beautiful thing is the reflections of what they'd do better next time, there are real signs of a emerging community and willingness to do their best. A great first step for day one.