Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Listening Skill

Yet 30minutes later this is the scene

Begging the questions How can we sustain our efforts in while listening?

I could listen better by keeping my focus.
i would make it better by focusing more about birds instead of messing round and doing what i was told.

Some people bird watch, and the other half having a quite chat but away from the bird watchers.
i could listin b being quiet and walking slow
We can sustain them by being sensible and not being silly.
we can sustane our lisning skils bye not messing round and other studd

To sustain our listening skills, we shoouldn't birdwatch for ages as we can lose focus, 15 or 20 minutes would be sufficient.

·       I think we should not stand next to the people were most likely to talk to and follow instructions when given. Also stay in one place and sit and just listen and then we will see more birds.

We would make a better listerner for longer if we didnt look at the sam bird for so long and not walk so far and stand still because it makes us winge and gets us boring, also if we had a fasinating thing to keep us interested, if we made bird watching more fun and went on different trips unlike going on different trips but to similar places.

I think we could sustain our listening skills by moving to different areas, adding some fun activities to it (e.g. a bird treasure hunt or something around a big area of space) and constantly looking at a large variety of birds.
To stop distractions and keep listening for the whole time, we could move quicker and go to other places which have different birds so we don’t get bored of the same birds, to keep us looking out for different birds around the area.

it would have been better if i listened about more

To keep listening the whole way though we need to keep moving and go to different places and not get distracted and go off and do our own thing
We could improve by keeping are listening skills by small length of time.
We can improve our listening by not doing it to long like 5 minutes twitching the 5 minutes chatting.

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