Monday, 17 June 2013

Student day one reflections

I twitched alright today but personally I think I could’ve done better. I was quiet and I listened before I looked but I could’ve stayed with my group and worked with them better.
A good listener is someone who looks at you while you’re talking, pays attention and responds if appropriate.

Birds migrate because of the climate change and according to Jack, “to breed”, but I disagree. They also migrate in groups.

What I done well today was, that I looked in the book and I spotted some birds. But I was not quite for long.

So tomorrow I shall be more quite for the bird spotting.

Overall, I have had a good day bird spotting also sharing information with the rest of the group. But tomorrow will be better.

What makes a good listeners is if he/she is quite [quiet] and if the give you a good quality Odense.  [Audience]

I twitched was okay today but I need to be a lot more quiet and more patient and look harder and try and stay on task.

 To be a good listener you need to listen to what everyone has to say and wait your turn.

Birds migrate to get food because the little animals they eat start to die out in the winter.

I twitched well today because I kept quiet and watched the birds fly around, and looked at the birds through the binoculars. Tomorrow I will be even quieter and stay in the same place while observing the birds around me more carefully.
A good listener is someone who stays quiet and pays attention to what others have to say and someone who responds back to what you had to say.
Birds migrate because of the cold weather, food, habitat and they migrate in groups together

I started off shy but when we went outside I started to explore outside and look for birds. I did well at spotting birds and using the internet to find information about birds. I need to be quieter outside and listen more carefully.
      To be a good listener you have to look at the person when they are speaking and be quiet when they are talking. Also to be a good listener you have to use what the person what they are saying to help me.
     Birds migrate because it will be too cold for them and there will be no food left for them

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