Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Student Reflections on day 1 part 2

I thought I was quite good at bird watching, I found some birds and herd [heard]them all over the field.

Thought I read the book quite well.

Tomorrow I think I need to be more quite [quiet] to try not to scare the birds.

A good listener is when you look at the person who’s speaking, be quite. Also give a response.

Birds migrate for more food and the  weather change.

I need to bring the right equipment in to be a good listener you need to be as quiet as possible so the birds dont get scared.
birds migrate because when its winter in south africa its too cold for them they need to travel down to the uk wheres its summer and its hot
·        I think I was a good bird watcher but I think I need to stand still for more than 2 minutes. I need to let my group catch up to me more often.
·        I can be calm and quite[quiet] for a very long time and pick up the slightest sound.
·        To find food, to raise their chicks, to escape to weather, and to get away from some of their predators.
Today I twitched pretty well considering that I got so close to a bird that I got to touch it.
What makes a good listener is occasionally contributing but at the same time listening to other peoples contributions.
Birds migrate to:
.get resources
.change habitat
.to get away from predators
Tommorrow I need to bring my things in, the right equitment and be quiet and stand still and be focused so i can spot out more birds. A good listener is when you listen to sorrundings and actually make sure your listening to things around and looking where the sorrundings is coming from. Birds migerate because they go to diffferent countries to get the sun these always want to be in summer they go to different countries to migerate to get more food to live.
 I thought I did ok when we were Bird Watching. It wasn’t the best though because we weren’t very quiet when we were looking for the birds and we got a lot of the bird names mixed up.
 To improve I could try and learn the different species of birds and, next time, be more quiet when looking for the birds.
 Birds migrate because they need better food, breeding grounds and a better habitat. For example if they like warm weather and it is winter in their home country they will migrate to a hotter country until their home country is summer again.
I think I wasn’t a very good bird watcher because I made a lot of noise and I went really close to them and scared them.
I think I did well because I found a lot of birds.
I think I will try to blend in tomorrow.
 A good listener means you have to be quiet and walk slowly.
Birds migrate because they have to find food or to escape from animals.
I think, in my oppinion that bird watching was amazing becuase i found out different birds and what their features are. Also bird watching was good aswell becuase i got to work with exdperts and it made me realise more about birds. I done well in bird watching becuase i found out different information and facts that i never knew before. I dont think i had of done anything better because i though i was good. I think a good listener is a person to contributes, stands still and listens to the bird sounds and listen to what people have to stay instead of talking and not listening becuase you could find out something very inportant what you need to know..Birds migrate becuase migration is a hazardous journey but those hazards are often over looked in large scale spectale of millions of birds that successfully travel between their breading grounds each year, also all birds dont migrate at the same time becuase of their different species such as if it is winter where they live they will come to some were where it is summery becuase they like summer, but then when it gets winter they go back home for summer.
How well did I twitch today?
I was okay at twitching today because I tried hard but I just wasn't very good at remembering the birds species.

What could I do better?
I could use the experts more and not go in the thicket as it scares the birds away. I could use the books and my group more.

Whatmakes a good listener?
A good listener takes in everything that they are told and replies according to what they are told. They are silent when someone is talking to them.They also give the speaker eye-contact.

Why do birds migrate?
Birds will migrate to find new food soures, rear their young and spend the winter somewhere warm. They will also migrate to avoid predators.
tommorow i need to bring in my things for bird watching,and good bird listener you need to listen and be quiet so all the birds are not scared and listen before looking and birds migrate becuase they carnt survive in the cold so they fly to the uk when its winter insouth aftrica
how well did you twich today?
i thinck i did it well today because i was kinda quite qand stood still.

what did you do well?
i thinck i did the bird waching well

.what will you need to do better tomorrow?
the things i will need to do better are to worck with my groop more and better.

what makes a good liasner?
a good lisner is someone who never intarupts when someone is talking and someone who always lisins.

why di birds migrate?
they migrate because is they run out of food or if the wether is to hot or cold they move till it is just right were they sre from.

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