Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Resilience is key! Day 6 reflections

What I have been doing today I have made a fact about the Sedge wobler and I have done 7 drafts and got it spot on and I have done a bird drawing and have doing my writing on my map nearerly .

I’ve learnt that even though I work hard people around me might be let downs and so patience is a vetue.

today we did some questions and we practised writing in a different font.we will be writing it tomorrow

A positive thing about today is that we got a lot done with the map and our 3 sentences for our finally product.
A bit of a negative at the start of day we went with our friends and didn’t really concentrate on the work then we had to waste more time sorting it that we could have been using for work.

Review 2nd Week:
Today we stayed in the class and worked on our map, bird or research. Our group have now been allocated 3 spots on the map to write our facts in. At the start we didn’t concentrate enough so therefore we wasted time. We put this write and knuckled down to got our work complete.

good thing about today is i got alot of work complete and created a bird made out of materials.

a bad thing is i was not always on task.

Today has mainly been working on our final project. It has been quite monotanous at times as we have hadto really work hard with few breaks. We have had to be really Resilient and stick with the project. I need to be more Resilient tomorrow as I found the font we are using very hard to do so I just asked someone else to do it.
the posative thiings i did today i have been drawing my out line of my bird and putting diffrent typs of fabrics.
the bad things was when i was messing round and throwing things at people on my table.
today the day has been quiet good but olrite becuase some times i was getting abit distracted with people and then i was working hard but i was more on task than anything. I also have learned more about a chiffchaff and their habbitats and hunting skills also ive done my map sheet that i was suppose to and ive done it in the right font.
Today has been god because at first we were critiquing our work and then we went in a circle and had a adult conversation about how we could improve our work area and after that i think we did improve and took all the advice in what everyone said, yes i do admitt we could do better but we have improved we have done alot of work and try to our best.

Today we just finised what we were doing on friday like the research and drwaing and the map.

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